Get Professional Bookkeeping Services Near You

Qualified bookkeeping for your small business.

Sound financial practices are the key to a business’ success. Therefore, every business needs a qualified bookkeeper to record and maintain all financial transactions. From accounts receivable to cash flow analysis, all of a business’s financial records need to be accurately managed.

The good news is even though you’re the business owner, you don't have to be a financial wiz. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to professionals that you can trust will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business. Financial management can sound intimidating, but with Thackston & Associates, we make it simple.

Our team of accountants are reliable, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and always glad to talk with our clients about their business’s financial health. As fellow small business owners, we value the growth of other small businesses in our local community. Whether your small business is an LLC, a corporation, or you are a self-employed freelancer, Thackston & Associates can efficiently manage your books!  We also offer Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor service and payroll services.

What is bookkeeping?

Every business transaction needs to be accounted for. We will track and input each individual transaction your business incurs. In doing this you will have an accurate understanding of where every dollar you brought in and spent went. 

Simply put, bookkeeping is the management of a business’s financial data. It includes:

Why outsource your bookkeeping?

Every successful business needs to have their financials in order. But not every business owner is equipped with a financial background, making bookkeeping a daunting task. That’s where our certified bookkeeping team comes in. 

Our job is to make sure your financial records are accurately categorized, and provide you with analysis that helps you understand your business’s financial health. We can help you with questions like: 

These are questions that can only be answered with a reliable picture of your financial data. We’re always ready to sit down with business owners to walk them through their finances in a way that’s easy to understand.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to professionals like us can be invaluable to your business’s future success by allowing you, the business owner, to get back to doing what makes you money. Leave the financial and administrative burden of bookkeeping to the professionals. 

A local accounting firm that you can rely on

As a local, family-run business in Westminster, MD, we take pride in offering quality, professional bookkeeping to businesses like us. We understand how crucial it is for a business to keep proper financial records. Our team of certified bookkeepers and certified public accountants provide reliable, hassle-free financial management and analysis that lets you focus on growing your business. As a bookkeeping client, you’ll receive personal, affordable service that’s close to home. Get to know our team.

Virtual bookkeeping is always an option

We primarily serve the Carroll, Howard, and Frederick County areas, but what if you manage a business outside the region? With our virtual bookkeeping service, we can remotely manage your financial records no matter where your business is located. Our team uses a versatile set of bookkeeping softwares to make this possible: 

We’ll make it easy for you to grow your business, call us today!